About Me

Hello Reader – Thanks for dropping by!

If you are wondering what this blog is all about, that’s because there are a lot of things in here. I started this blog to focus majorly on Life & Relationship, Lifestyle and Health & Beauty; however, with the passage of time, I felt that there is a need to fill my blog with something that I love to do the most – Cooking! I added my recipes too for my readers.

The name ‘A Weird Mind’ may have left some questions, so to clear that out, I want to share this little story with you. I had a few other blogs earlier that I managed under my name, but those didn’t work quite well (I don’t hate to admit that). Later, I figured out that I would like to be innominate instead. Also, it made sense to post something randomly meaningful, than something that always has a motive.

A Weird Mind is a place where you’ll find various topics incorporated for you in different categories. I’d really appreciate you writing back if you love what you read (comment or email – whatever suits you). That’ll work like motivation even when more than 95% of the world isn’t aware of this blog… haha… 😀

Alongside, there is a category named “Poetries & Short Stories“, where you too can participate! All you need to do is, go to my contact information and send in your entry for the week. You can email me your poem or short story with a word limit of 500-600. Every post in this category will have the writer’s name under it.



Weird Mind (aka S P Kashyap) 😉