Making a Perfect Peaceful Place at Home

Isn’t home one of the perfect places where we find peace and things like that? Home means everything to me, partially because I spend most of my time there and mostly because I love to create an aura that lets me enjoy my presence at home. It’s an effort but the result is so satisfying, you’d probably just fall in love with your work!

So, if you are a person like me, you’ll like this idea of having your own space that nobody else but only you can understand. Well, that’s the whole point! If everyone is comfortable around for too long, you won’t enjoy… however, wanting to have people home is also great with such a relaxing ambiance. 

Following a few things that I’ll share with you, will not just help you re-create a cozy place for yourself, but it’ll also give you the comfort even though you live away from your home-town. Not that people living with parents or family cannot follow it. You’re most welcome to.

In this post, I’m going to tell you simple and pocket-friendly ways of transforming your home or just a room without a lecture on home decor and stuff, but… one thing at a time without confusing you much.

Tidiness – While it’s not something that really bothers everyone, it is still important to have a clean and tidy home for a good atmosphere. I am bothered… Oh, I truly am. It’s like I’m disturbed if I see my house messed and disordered. Call it OCD or whatever, but that’s how it’s for me.

gray wooden ladder on white painted wall
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So, get up and tidy your room or whatever place you spend most of your time. That corner you’ve been avoiding, that stacked-with-unnecessary-things table, the bathroom you visit every hour or two, all the areas and corners that grabs attention… clean up!

Flowers – I can tell you how much positivity flowers get you. It’s like unconditional love for nothing in return from you (just a vase and water changing every day). I love spray carnations, lily, white roses, and chrysanthemums. Pick your favourite bouquet and set a vase right where you can see them every morning. You won’t have to buy them every day or every week even. If the flowers were fresh when you bought them, they’ll last you two weeks, or three weeks tops! 

pink flowers in white vase
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Don’t go for expensive ones, and if you cannot find something reasonable, grab accessible flowers from the neighborhood, or just a park. Not asking you to pick them from branches but the fallen ones also work great (just that you’ll have to change them often).

Fragrance – You know, all the food we cook at home or heat in the microwave, leave a smell lingering around for a day or two. And it’s not like you eat the same thing for all meals of the day; you make different lunches and dinners. Every smell sits on fabrics of sofas, curtains, dining chairs (if they have fabric on them). Unless you have an airy house, you are not going to get rid of them easily.

The best way is to find an appropriate fragrance for your home. Appropriate one, because you’ll need to get those, according to the size of your home. A small diffuser of any kind (electronic or the one with reeds) will not serve a huge living room. You may need a bigger one.

reed diffuser

The reason behind cutting down food smell is because smelling the same food around for long is depressing at times and a good fragrance is uplifting. You won’t know it, but it’ll affect you somehow. Include the restroom as well; you spend some time out there too, not to forget!

Decor – I’m not here to talk about decor and stuff because there are plenty of decor ideas available out there. But I can help you see what is helpful. For instance, you might have those wall hangings gifted by someone long back and never thought of replacing them. Perhaps it is set in your eyes like a normal thing that came with the house, and now is a part of it. Yes, change it, please.

Get yourself a motivational or inspirational image or framed/unframed quote posters that stir you up. Pick yourself from being gloomy and get that adrenaline flowing! Also, buy a nice yet simple mirror to hang on the wall. Place it where you can see it several times a day. Why? To look at yourself and smile! 🙂

Go… do it!

wall mirrors

Paint – Okay, if you are thinking that I have gone way too far with the paint stuff, let me tell you that Diwali is coming and this is the right time (blog post dated 8th Oct 2019), yeah! So what are you choosing?

First of all, let me tell you that every house has a story of its own and choosing a colour that looked great in some catalog or someone’s house doesn’t translate to the same look for your house too! Take time, sit and look around… what is your house like? Do you have enough lighting from outside? Are the rooms spacious or cozy? Whatever it is, choosing the right colour for your home is essential, while keeping in mind all the elements.

If you ask me, I’d love my house in pastel colours. Mostly mint green or perhaps white and light grey (the current colour of my house). I feel this kind of colours leave enough room for imagination and doesn’t overpower it. Dark and bold colours like red, orange, bright blue and similar do that to me. If I want my room to be a little dark, I’d rather go with something close to distressed paints/wallpapers like that on a rusted iron. Here is an example of that kinda wall for your reference. 😀

rustic paint

Lighting – The right amount of lighting during the day fills the house with boundless positivity. Of course, summers can be daunting with all the sunlight flowing in but with the help of an off-white or beige linen curtains, you can avoid the heat and enjoy the filtered light at the same time. The same fabric works well for windows too.

During the night, I’d like to pick warm lights. It feels cozy and relaxing. All the LEDs are in use only when I need to search something really tiny from under the sofa or tables (haha). I feel those sharp LED lights are apt for showrooms and all. But, if you are not a warm light person, you can choose LEDs that aren’t too sharp or use shades on them to make the room soft and homey. The evening is that time of the day when you slow down and chill, so anything that helps the mood is a great move!

That’s it!!

With these simple steps, you can have a perfect peaceful place at home without doing much. You may add a few more things like good music, washing liquids that have amazing fragrance (to keep your clothes and sheets smelling fresh and uplifting all the time), nice aroma-therapy candles for your bathroom, fairy lights for small corners that you just decorated (or even your balcony), storing away unwanted items in boxes so you can have more space for things you like to do or display,  etc.

There are countless ideas to make your home a peaceful and welcoming place! All you need is the willingness to change small things for a new start and little money too for those.

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Thanks for dropping by!


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