Recycling a Shopping Bag and turning it into an Apron

Yes! I am a hoarder and I’m not ashamed of it. I like to keep everything with me in the hope that it’ll come handy someday. There is nothing wrong with that, really. More than half of the things accumulated have come into use and some of them are waiting for their right time to come. For example, I have used the empty shoeboxes to make organizers, turned cereal hard-boxes into magazine holders, paper coffee cups into pen stands and plastic delivery boxes into accessory organizers (the ones that come with compartments).

The thing is, recycling these little kinds of stuff help our planet a lot. It doesn’t have to look boring or stupid. Rather, you can choose to make them look pretty by decorating them and bringing them to good use. But if you are not crafty, you can take the help of someone who would love to do this for you (else, just learn how to because it’s very easy).

In this post, I will share with you a really cute idea. I have waited long enough to use it rigorously and vouch for it. This idea is about reusing your shopping bags (the tissue bag not the plastic ones) and transforming it into an apron! I haven’t tried this on plastic bags for an obvious noisy reason, but this one is a hit. If you are interested in saving the planet, then do everyone a favour (including yourself) and try this one out.

All you need:

  1. A Shopping bag
  2. A pair of Scissors
  3. A needle
  4. A thread

Here is how to go about it:

Take a medium-sized shopping bag. I have used a reusable bag from Woolworths (with a sensible message on it!).


Slit open from the sides as shown below:


When you slit both the sides, it should look like this:


Now, you can see that the length of the bag is more than you need for an apron. To make it shorter, you’ll have to cut out the bottom of the bag, as shown in the image below. Cutting the bottom instead of any other part is recommended because you get the seams ready for your stitching and it won’t look ugly!

Thread your needle and stitch both the seams as shown below. You can stitch close to the edge of the seam because they are strong enough not to tear.


At this point, your bag (apron in the process) should look like this.



Next, you’ll see the bag’s handles one at the top and one at the bottom. We are going to keep the top one because that is where you’re going to insert your head, so the bottom one needs to go. Sorry about the crazy way I’m holding my scissors,  that is because one hand is busy aiming the camera 😦


You might be wondering what are those tiny loops for. Just to explain, these are used to hang at the side of the billing machine where you can just scan the items and drop them directly. The loops keep the bag sturdy, allowing both your hands free for scanning and adjusting.

I cut out one of the loops and stitched it to one end of the apron. This is not really necessary if you are fond of tying a knot at the back. The handle that you cut from the bottom in the previous step can be cut into two and stitched at both ends, instead of using this loop.


Ta-Da!! Your very own, hand-stitched, recycled, reusable apron is READY!!


The stitching doesn’t look ugly as almost everything is hidden behind the ‘already-there’ seams. Oh! and I missed mentioning that I also managed some material for a utility pocket if it’s still visible (remember the bottom part that I cut out in the second step?).

A lot of people might say, ‘just buy one… duh’! And that’s right… why take the pain of making an apron out of a reusable shopping bag and waste time, when you can buy an apron from the market. Well, I say that this bag comes from almost nothing and you can do this easy task while watching a TV show too! Honestly, it barely took me 10 minutes to get over with it. And also, not to forget how we are contributing to saving the planet! (wink wink)

If this post was helpful and you tried this at home, please let me know. I would love to hear all about it.

Till my next post, take care!


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