Why Write?

I receive a lot of questions on Quora about ‘what to write’, ‘how to write’ or ‘why is writing beneficial?’ I don’t know why, but I just can’t write long answers, and end up being comical in the end. However, now that you are here, let this be worth reading.

What is that you love the most?

It’s not a question that comes with lengthy or a one word answer. It is a self-realisation. A lot of us need that! When I started this process, I knew that there were going to be endless glitches. I struggled to focus, made numerous mistakes, took my time for granted and what not. Trust me, writing does that to you.

It is nothing really fancy, attractive or entertaining, unless you’ve finished the piece! Yes, that’s the hard truth. So ask yourself now; are you really ready to write? Because if you aren’t sure, you’ll end up having the first piece, sitting alone in some corner, without you noticing it for years; because you were bored.

Are you serious?

If you are serious about writing, here’s me, extending a congratulations! Now we are going to talk about what, when, how and why (not in the same order).

  1. Why write? – There are several reasons why one should write. What is yours? When I started writing, I was basically venting out! I needed a place where I could write whatever I had inside, without the fear of being judged. It was a tough childhood story, a troubled teenager’s message and a lot more. I didn’t quite know how to channelise my thoughts, so I took it out on a diary (back then, laptops were not in fashion and desktop was under supervision most of the time).

    Writing is relieving. It allows you to take out all you have without much to worry about. If you are writing for yourself, that’s even better! Just start it and you’ll get somewhere.

  2. What to write? – Anything that you like! There is no hard rule on what you should be typically writing. Honestly, you’re supposed to write on whatever you are comfortable, because that’ll decide your genre for later. If you pick a topic to start writing, you may go wrong right away.

    So, take it slow and start by writing down your feelings. Do this everyday until it becomes a pattern. It’s like, preparing yourself for a routine, because unless you are habituated, you’ll not take your writing seriously.

    I always loved to put pen to paper, and I still do that. I love collecting notebooks, planners, diaries and what not, just because I love stationary (okay, I’m off track, but I had to mention). However, writing on my laptop was only after 2009.


  3. How to write? – While this is tricky, I’d still be happy to share my ways of writing. Every person has a different style of writing and there is no right or wrong way, to be honest. Some might think that using big words can make a piece look better and attractive, but that’s not always true. There are readers who would rather choose to read simple language than look up for words half of the time. 

    Keep your writing simple. Let it be complex free and easy to understand. People love what is comprehendible, not something that is too fancy to understand. Fancy is good too, but not unless you’ve a whole bunch of readers waiting to read your piece.

  4. When to write? – This question is the least complicated one; however, for someone who is working, it can be a little challenging. Writing takes time. Even if it is for yourself, you need time to write. You cannot open a notebook, scribble your name and close it; we are not signing papers here, are we? 

    If you are a working person, you can take out some time at night; perhaps before you sleep? I like writing when I am at total ease; night being the perfect one for me. Now that I’m a full time freelancer, I get time during the day, but I still prefer night for self-realisation scribbling.There is no perfect time to write, really. While I was in a job, I loved to write even during the breaks. I know, right! It’s so awkward when people come over and try to sneak a look over your shoulder. I never worried about what others thought, I simply gave myself time to write! Sometimes, I would walk to the break-out area (or pantry area for some companies) and do my typing.

So you see… any time is perfect! You can squeeze time for things you like because they keep you happy, occupied with a purpose and away from negative thoughts. Try taking small breaks for your writing. That should make a difference.

If this article was worth reading and was helpful to you, please let me know. I would love to read a comment from you, down at the comment section.

Thanks for your precious time!

Happy writing! 🙂

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