The Brew I Crave For

The buzz around my head continued as I walked myself out
The affect of a fall-out lasts for a while – It’s quite haunting
Unable to hold myself up, I took the couch to rest for some time…
Sighing deep – the memories shook me down from head to toe


A little more strength for the morning to start (Oh! An oxymoron)
I gathered myself up again, and opened the cabinet for a forenoon brew
There I found the tin box from my aged mother, giving me hope…
Opening the box, I smelled a thousand souvenir from across the states


There… I started a fresh pot over the blue flame and filled it with love
Watched the little bubbles in the water, rise from the bottom to surface
These were the emotions that I carried overnight, painfully aggressive
A spoon of free-flowing brown granules of life, fell right down in..

As I poured the first mug, I took in the aroma of resuscitation into my soul
Closing my eyes involuntarily, it felt like the moment just paused for me
I kissed the brim of the mug, and gradually let the coffee touch my lips
And it gave me an emotional jump-start for the day, but with care and love.



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