The Deafening

I quietly moved aside when you named a few who were closer to you that night..
I looked at the commotion that was suffocating our little unnamed Love..
My voice got lost in the loud thundering laughter, and clinking beer glasses..
I listened to all of them and also you… it was agonizing…


I turned to move out, not because I wanted to leave you on your own..
I turned to move out, because I knew you wouldn’t see me… any longer..
The place was too crammed to let my little body come out untouched..
So, I saved my heart deep inside and let everybody brush past me…


As I reached the door and opened it, the warm breeze flew inside the room..
There was silence for a moment, for people to look at a coward like me..
Trying to escape the hurting spiteful chaos, trying not face the hitch at all..
But, when I looked down… my heart was broken into pieces too many…


And now I think I don’t care anymore… I let everything go…

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