3 Simple Ways to Moving On Better

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I’m assuming you’re here mostly because you read my answer on Quora (I link my blog to my answers for your benefit), or maybe you were only clicking on the menu, leading you from one article to another. Whatsoever is the reason, if this topic concerns you, then you are in the right place.

It’s quite normal to feel the need to stick with the idea of being miserable after a breakup; most of us do that (even if some deny it). Keeping aside all the rational thinking, the only way you find solace is in being miserable. That can be both intentional or involuntary. You broke-up! And it’s absolutely okay to experience the pain from vein-through-vein. The unstoppable tears on the slightest connection to the past or the sudden heartache while talking about the person you loved so much, proves that you are only human.

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Now, after you are done mourning the loss of your life, or say, the infinite hurt… are you willing to open the book of your love life and write a new chapter? Or are you going to let yourself stand right where it happened and refuse to move on?

If you are confused or need assistance, I can help you see why it’s important to move on with these three basic things.

People – You got really busy with the relationship, forgetting people you know much before your partner. These are those people who constantly think about your well being. When you go through a break-up, they hold you up and listen to your mourning, day-in-day-out. Aren’t they wonderful people? Do you consider wasting cherishable moments you can create with these amazing people, by paying tribute to sad memories?

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You – Believing that nothing else in the world can replace the happiness you experience with your partner is a real myth. Before you start loving someone else, learn to love yourself. There cannot be any other intimate relationship, as close as you have with yourself. Choosing to feel the hurt more than required is damaging and can pull your self-esteem down. Is it worth that much?
Go splurge, have fun, look in the mirror and smile as much as you can, be aware of your physical needs and deficiencies, watch movies you love, listen to uplifting songs, learn and new musical instrument or any art you like as a hobby… do anything and everything that makes you happy!

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Time – Haven’t you heard that time waits for nobody? Every moment you spent crying over a break-up is never coming back. And having said this life is short, every moment in your life counts! Whatever is done cannot be undone, but what’s coming can be lived like nothing before.
Utilize this time to create a better you and fulfill your dreams. You can do that only by moving on, stepping further from the depths of despair.

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Once you have decided not to cry over this anymore, you may wonder how to move on? Well let’s say, there are so many things you want to do in a go, but all you have to do is grab what you have right now – because this, is your moment!

Talk to your buddies (anyone from within or outside the family), go out, make new friends, range-over new places, eat food you never tasted, drink what you never drank, laugh like there is no tomorrow, forgive and let-go of things and most importantly, love your life. Nobody can rule your soul… so go out there and explore more relationships – be it with someone else or with yourself.

Don’t forget to smile at yourself every morning, because that will tell you how much important you are.

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