The Spirit Latched To Her (Short Story)

The hard knocking on the door didn’t stop. She was scared to death hearing all the noise from inside the house and the constant knocking from outside.

She went close to the door and peeped through the key-hole. There was no one!

“Who… who is it?” she stammered.

Suddenly, the knocking stopped… and there was silence from inside the house too. She wondered what had happened and with some mustered courage, slowly opened the door.

There was no one!

She closed the door, latched it one more time and took deep breaths. Her throat was dry with all the panting and gasping.

As she walked past the living area, her eyes involuntarily secured the whole place making sure no one was around. The kitchen too seemed calm abruptly with everything in place.

She opened the refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of water and gulped some down.

“H..E…LLL..PPP!!!!!!!!!” someone screamed at the top of his voice followed by a loud crashing of window glasses.

The bottle in her hand dropped on the floor in a nervous attempt. She closed her ears with both her hands and  knelt down closing her eyes tight.

“Please tell me this is a dream… please God, please… not again! This can’t be true… it’s a dream… it’s just a frigging dream!” she consoled herself in tears.

“Nancy!” she heard her name.

“No… no… I am not listening to anymore of this… please God make this go! Please!!” she pleaded even hard.

“Nancy! Look at me… are you okay?” someone shook her gently.

She finally opened her eyes, only to find nobody. There was someone! Someone had touched her just now. The feeling of the touch wasn’t a lie. There was another living body with her in that house.

Even more scared, she scooted under the console table trembling from head to toe.

As she prayed for this thing to end, a warm liquid dripped on her bare shoulder. She touched the liquid with her fingers and looked at it. Blood!

Her eyes robotically rolled up at the inside of the table. There was blood dripping profusely, as if a slaughtered body was resting on top of it.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” she shrieked. With one sudden jolt, she sat upright on her bed, all sweaty and panting.

The dream was back again. It had been a while and she was hoping it would never happen to her again.

Her psychotherapist had helped her get through the tough time. It was a pathetically lonely and rough phase. She couldn’t believe that it was back; like it was there all the time and never left her! Her past was right before her eyes, back and forth various phases like a flash-back.

She looked at her husband sleeping right beside her. With trembling fingers, she touched his hand to remind herself of her present.

‘Focus Nancy… Nothing ever happened. None of that ever… happened,’ she said to herself.

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