The Enemy Pain – Migraine

A migraine headache is an awful thing to experience. You might have a friend or a member in the family who is suffering from this, but barely can empathize much because you aren’t aware of the severity of this particular pain. A normal headache hurts, but a migraine literally cripples you. The pain is truly terrible. Except for lying down in a dark room and waiting for its departure, there is nothing much you can do. The saddest part is, no one actually knows why it occurs, so they perceptibly don’t have any idea what can be done about it. The migraine victims end up wasting a lot of money not finding any proper remedy to it, yet usually none of those works.

I have been suffering from migraine since childhood; mostly because its hereditary. I have tried a lot of things, as told by numerous advisers (these are the people who come to your house for a different purpose and gift you with unwanted solutions to your problems, starting from relationships and health to education and career – smh). So my experiment wasn’t limited only to Allopathic; it was extended to Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and crude massages as well (I can tell you about those if you’d want to know).

What I have learnt over the period of time – Despite the fact that a migraine will strike you suddenly, there is always some sort of symptoms. These indications let you know that it’s going to take you down if you aren’t proactively taking precautions. It’s different for each person because it depends on the bodily processes. It’s a feeling that you are going to get sick. One has to be acquainted with it and instantly act on it.

What you can do – When you know it is coming, it is recommended to lie down immediately. This helps the head to relax for a bit and let the blood flow evenly across the body. A small nap, deep breathing, or black coffee really helps. If not totally, the migraine will be at least shorter and less powerful.

Pinching the area of the nose that attaches to the forehead also helps. Doing this throughout the day helps to ease a lot of the sinus pressures. The less pressure on the head, the less likely is the possibility of migraine.

On Emergency – Sometimes, migraine happen when you are least expecting it, and becomes worse if you are in the middle of a meeting or attending a party. You cannot escape it and also cannot try any of the above mentioned, just about immediately. Popping in an aspirin is the only option left for you, because you can’t let it overpower your physical state enough to drag you into vomiting in the rest room. During such cases, once you are home, you can dip you feet in warm water and place frozen food packets (like peas, corns or sausages) at the back of your neck. By that time, your aspirin would have worked just fine and your head would be relaxed too!

If you liked what you read, please do share or write down in the comment section below and let me know. Also, if there are some more remedy (that I missed mentioning above), I’d love to try them myself 🙂

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Take care! 🙂

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