I Wished A Wish

I wished a wish that I wanted true,
To get me all the hurt past through,
I wished to have a merry life,
But landed always feeling blue…

Turning thirty soon, yet I know,
I’ll have a lamp that sure will glow,
Through all the odds and all bad times,
Someone will have the smiles to show…

My wishes were those simple ones,
That’s where I thought my life begun,
But all this while I know not why,
I have been into this endless run…

I wished that someone knew how I felt,
What all things I had under my belt,
Wished someone came and took my pain,
And my heart could really… really melt!

A touch, a hug and someone to talk to,
From once being one to now being two,
I wished that someone held my hand,
And told me that he knew all this too!

I lay here as always in the cold,
With all my emotions already been sold,
I wish once again to make me strong,
To make me strong and truly bold.

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