Soft Hands in All Seasons

Have you ever had an incident where you sat with your friends and wondered how could they possibly have such soft looking hands? Well sometimes, I used to pull my hands under the table to hide the ‘never-going-to-be-soft’ skin I had (I’m exaggerating). I tried many things available in the market, but when nothing helped, I blamed it on the house-hold chores.That’s an easy get-away.
I’m sure you too have tried many products for one real upshot, but in vain. The products they sell online these days, are pretty much attractive and even convincing. Trying new products, feeling disappointed, and then looking forward for another remedy is just another story.

So when all the cosmetics fail, would you want to give a basic home remedy, one last shot? Good news is – you get all the ingredients right in your kitchen! The only thing you need is a little bit of patience. 🙂
Also, this remedy can be practiced at night so that the hands can relax and there is nothing for them to stress upon.

Method :

  1. Soak your hands on a bowl of warm water with half lemon squeezed. Keep playing with your nails in between to clean all the remains
  2. When the water starts to feel less warm, take your hands off the bowl and slightly pat around with a soft towel ensuring that the hands are not completely dried. A little dampness is required
  3. Pour some sugar granules to the palm and start scrubbing with both hand together in circular motion. In a short while the sugar will start melting (due to the heat generated between your palms) and it’ll feel sticky
  4. Wash your hands with warm water and pat them dry this time
  5. If you have almond oil at home, massage necessary amount to your hands, especially on the joints and palm. Else, a hand cream would also help

For people who aren’t in the kitchen much can practice this once to twice a week, and for people who spend maximum time in the kitchen can practice this three to four times a week too. Constant water contact dries the skin more than anything else, so try to moisturize your hands as much as possible.

We spend a lot of time doing things using only our eyes and not hands, like watching TV or talking to people while at home. If you aren’t able to find time for yourself, utilize the leisure time to take care of your hands. It barely consumes 15 mins!

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