To Never Part

I was seeking your hand and was trying so hard, I left no attempt to get to you…
There was this saying that broke my heart, And I thought now I’d start things new.

An angel came to me and wiped my tears, Hugged me tight to her bosom…
She told me it was never too late, To love and to live with the notion.

I trusted her with all I believed, Not knowing where it would lead me to…
The only thing in my mind then, Was that I ‘did’ still love you.

Will I ever love again, Will I ever be so true?
Will those days go away from me? The days that I spent with you.


The angel looked at me and said,  I know this is all you wished for….
I know he is the only one you want, The one you’ve always lived for.

I came back home to him, I told him we can’t be apart…
He said there were dreams that he saw too, And I lived right there in his heart.


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