Forget and Forgive

The last time I saw your face, I knew you were angry with me…
The moment you left that door, I waited for you to come and see.

There was no answer to my question, There was no more fighting…
We were the ones so much in love, I thought there was no more hiding.

What went wrong or who did what? Wasn’t my concern ever…
All I wanted from you my love, Was to lie to me never.

You are the one and all I have, You are the sunshine of my life…
Now that you’d never look at me, You’d cut my heart with a knife.

Everyday I wait for you, Hoping you’ll return one day…
Will you come back to me my dear? Or have you gone astray?

These days are cruel to me now, They don’t let me live…
Please come back to me again, Let us forget and forgive.

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