Dark Circles… No More!

Have you been worrying about the darkening of skin around the eyes? Or maybe those slightly swollen bags underneath? Dark circles and puffiness have become a concern for almost all people these days, especially between age group of 15 to 45. There are several well-known assumptions for such problems, mainly sleeplessness and stress.


Remedies like under-eye cream, gel eye-cooler masks and others barge in  to help, but have almost no impact to reduce dark circles. To try something very basic, one can make use one of the majorly loved and accepted vegetables in our kitchen, available in all seasons.

Potatoes – Potatoes contains starch, which is to quite an extent, helpful in reducing the dark area around the eyes. potatoEven if you are not much into eating potatoes, you can use them externally. Store a couple of them in the refrigerator or just outside in the kitchen for the purpose.
To use them, slice a thin part and cut it into two halves, arching the cuts. Place these slices underneath, sides and on the lids of the eyes. Keep them for about 15 – 20 mins and see instant results. If you have a large potato (almost 5 inches) you can simply slice and cover the entire socket.

Green Tea – I’m not quite sure how many would prefer to do this, mostly because a lot people aren’t into drinking green tea and having a remedy from home could be optional here. If you like drinking green tea once or twice a week, we are good. I’ll tell you how.
Once you are done with drinking your tea, don’t toss off the tea-bag. Instead, store it in the refrigerator (of course in a small container rather than keeping it open).
Whenever your eyes feel tired after work, or you see emerging puffiness under the eyes, lie down and place the bags over and under the eyes (as you like it). During winters, I’d prefer taking it out of the refrigerator for some time, than placing the chilled-bags directly over my eyes, to avoid cold and cough.

Try these at least twice a week. It should help in reducing dark circles and puffiness significantly.

P.S. For people who suffer from both dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, they can try making a mixture of tea powder in hot water with grated potatoes (along with its peel). Strain water from the mixture and then tie it in a tissue cloth. Place them the same way as above and see immediate effect.

If this was helpful, please let me know by writing your reviews under this article in the comment section.

Thank you and stay beautiful.

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