Does Tattooing Pain A Lot? More Before Getting Tattooed.

I often get asked a lot of questions about tattoo pain. I had the same feeling before I went for one. Normally people tend to think too much before getting a tattoo and fall victim to anticipation. However, we cannot ignore the fact that anything hurting your skin is always painful; how much – is yet to understand.

While you are mentally getting ready for a tattoo, you Google questions like, “How much does tattooing pain?” or “Is tattoo painful?”  to find answers that can give some relief to your anxiety. And I too, wasn’t surprised when I read numerous things, some even completely different than the rest. I also read people writing that tattooing actually kind of relaxed them! How? I don’t know!

Your tolerance – The so called threshold-for-pain, is a factor that can determine how much pain you can actually go along with. Every individual has different threshold for pain and thus, definition of tattoo pain is also apparently diverse. Some feel it as nothing more than a cat’s scratch on a sun burn, and some describe it as a hot blade slitting the superficial part of the skin. tattoo artist.jpgTo be honest, I somehow felt both when I was having mine done. For me, it was more like pricking and pinching at the same time with really tiny things. The pain is absolutely tolerable and temporary.
The moment the artist loosens his hands off your skin, you’ll feel almost nothing! The noise that the tattoo machine makes is actually more annoying than the pain. For people who frequently have blood tests done or been medically injected for some reason, the pain is less than that! How does this sound? Good? Well, it ‘IS’ good!


Hygiene – Just make sure your tattoo artist uses proper disposable items and opens the needles and razor (to shave off any hair from the skin) in front of you. He should have proper autoclave machinery to sterilize equipment that he uses. A good artist will never risk his client.

Design – To boost your courage, you can try searching for tattoo designs on the internet, or design something yourself that’ll make you feel proud for the rest of your life (I prefer this one). People are generally scared because tattoo stays for life and one mistake can make you regret forever (till you decide to have it removed; which again is more painful)! tattoo11.jpgTherefore, a design or selection that best describes you or how you feel about it should make it easy to prepare for the venture. Never listen to others about what needs to be inked on your body! It should be solely your decision; but if you are confused, you can also take your partner’s help or from someone quite close to you. Its okay to take over a month to decide on a tattoo, but once you are done, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

I have four tattoos on my body and I’m already designing the fifth one too! All of these have some story to tell. I like designing my tattoo aligned with my life, and that’s how and why I never regret any of it.

Cost – When I put up the picture of my first tattoo on Facebook, I got numerous questions and also how much it cost me! Well, it isn’t a fixed rate! It depends on the kind of tattoo you are attempting on your body. Tattoo artists have different factors in head while charging for a design. For example, some charge per-inch-sq. wise, some charge according to the time spent on a tattoo and some charge depending on the detailing a tattoo design requires! Rest, you need to go to a tattoo parlor to find out. If your tattoo is big and complicated, you might have to dig a little deeper in your wallet, but if you have only a name or a symbol, it can be handled with your pocket money too! 🙂

Look around… Look at people who haven’t got a tattoo yet! You’ll have the potential to make them ask about your new acheivement. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling already? Well, for some who would love to keep their tattoo a secret, I’m sure it would mean nothing… but if you have done something to adorn yourself, why not flaunt it? Of course I’m talking about tattoos that can be exposed, if it can’t be, there’s got to be some good desire for the same.

It was quite amazing how the same questions circled back to me… questions I once asked people who had already experienced it! I was asked about how it felt and if it was painful and whether it is manageable and how much did it cost, blah blah blah! For these people, all I had to say was, “If you want it, just do it. It’s worth the pain.”

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