Tan Removal Your Ways

Summer is over, but tanning is one problem that has not much to do with it. Where there is sun, tanning is inevitable. Sunscreens help very little and they seem to have only a limited time of action. The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Formula) content, the more harmful it is on the skin.

Working professionals who travel in the open for hours or less, either while traveling to work  or traveling for work are prone to tanning and skin allergies.

Here is one of the basic remedies that can reduce the tan-effect by taking care of the skin immediately after direct contact with the harmful sun rays. Once the skin is exposed to sun, our complexion is compromised thus looks dull after some time. To try and keep the skin glowing off-tan immediately, all you will need to do is use few things that are available at home.

You can refrigerate ground short/pearl rice powder, ready to use any time you need.

Once you are in from a sunny day, clean the face with cleansing milk (esp; the exposed areas), then wash it and let it stay dampened for a while.

Meanwhile, make a paste by mixing the refrigerated powdered rice with milk (make sure the milk is not boiled if you happen to subscribe from the daily milkman), and apply all over the exposed areas. Let it dry for some time (say around 15 minutes), and then gradually remove it by scrubbing the paste over you face gently in circular motion using little water as and when required. Do not over-scrub or scrub too hard as it might redden the skin, resulting in burning sensation. Wash off the paste and pat your skin dry.

Use a mild toner and dab it on the skin covering the entire scrubbed areas. You can use a regular moisturizing lotion after some time.

This method will help effectively if practiced immediately once you are in the house after sun-exposure. Delaying further will let the tan sit on the skin for a long time. Not everyday, but scrubbing with this twice in a week is more than enough to keep the skin glowing. Rest, it is also up to how you can maintain and save your skin from tanning, like:

  • While you are out on a sunny day, make sure to always carry an umbrella. It helps to protect the skin from direct contact with the harmful UV rays
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking lots of water helps proper perspiration, saving skin from dehydrating
  • Eat loads of fruits while you are in or out. A lot of fruits have amazing qualities of helping your skin glow.

For example:
Grapes – apart from glucose and fructose, it has various other vitamins, augmenting the action of skin cells

Watermelon – it provides water to the skin that is worn out due to excess heat

Cucumber – it has hydrating, astringent and nourishing properties. It helps the skin restore the protective and natural acid mantle

Corn – it keeps skin from pre-aging and contains a lot of lecithin and vitamin E.

With these many properties, one can surely rest assured of having a safe and healthy skin. Also, the above mentioned fruits are available throughout the year.

Please let me know if you have some more tips and tricks to a better skin.

So have fun outside and keep healthy inside!

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