Are You Occupied With A Purpose?

Alright… so the thing about being typically busy even at home might seem unreal and impossible, perhaps because home is one place where people are relaxed and rejuvenated. However, there are people (like me) who have to stay at home for many reasons and keeping busy isn’t something they are able to work on.

I have been married for seven years now. I wasn’t working during the initial few years, and I hate to say this but honestly, I regret having wasted time back then. It was only when I joined back that I realized how much I could have done in those few years and made myself happy by chasing my dreams early.

A year back I resigned from one of the leading firms, and I did sort of feel a little nervous about how to make use of my time at home. So, here was my chance to make-it up to myself and work on what I really wanted to. This isn’t a tutorial on how to utilize your time at home, rather, it is a glimpse of the wide range of possibilities if you haven’t figured out already.

1. Writing – This is one thing I can never get bored of in my life. I have always been writing even while I was in a job and that is solely because I feel connected. I understand, not everybody might want to indulge in writing because it might sound boring; but here’s the thing, ‘do what makes you happy!’

So, I had writing in my head foremost. I started off with a new website (kept aside all the amateur blogs for a change), and focused on writing things that makes sense to others as well. Writing makes me happy, and trust me, I can go about writing pages on anything and everything you throw on my face. No, I mean it!

Are you into writing? If you are, then there are several ways to make use of your passion and turn it into a much more meaningful outcome. Check out my article on why to write and how to start writing.

2. Revamping my Room – I have this third room that speaks a lot to me. Irrespective of my ignorance about the call, I still want to make sure this is worth it. I planned on going bold with the room. I was looking at a color that wasn’t too bright, not dull, but one that’s warm and makes a room look cozy. And you know what? Maybe you didn’t see this coming, but, I painted the room myself! I have done it for other walls  and now this one is a celebration.

If there is a part of your house (or maybe even a corner) that talks to you, go ahead and make some changes. Sometimes, the best place is the smallest corner where you find your muse.

3. Social Media – Okay I know, what must be circling your head while reading this, but let me pop the bubble for you. Unlike the plan of spending the day checking Facebook updates or uploading selfies on Instagram, I decided to make the most of the social media and create a place for myself among people who are pretty frequent online, across the globe. How does that help? Well, that helps me widen my circle and gain a bigger audience to exactly what you are reading right now. 🙂

Pick an interest and join a group online. Social media is really powerful, and given the exposure you have today, you can make a pronounced usage of the same in growing your network for good.

4. Get Crafty – Craft and recreating things is an activity that interests me a lot. I planned to take some time out of my schedule and either build or recreate something at least once a month, and I still stick to it.

I believe in being creative my whole life. I know of people who tell me that they are not as imaginative as I am; but I say, everybody IS actually creative! Lazy or active, busy or free, interested or not… everyone has something that they haven’t poked yet! So go and poke your crafty side and see what magic you can create.

5. Experimenting on Food – Recipes are quite easy to find online these days. But for me, the key to being really happy about cooking is experimenting! You see, cooking is an art, but anybody can actually learn how to cook. After you know how to, you can start trying different things.

Understand a simple fact – all those recipes you fetch from the internet wasn’t there all along; someone invented it, tried it and showed it to the world! That’s how it typically works. I like doing that. So, one way of utilizing my time is by making new recipes of my own and publishing it here for you all to read and try. You can do the same if cooking is something that interests you.

Bottom line – Keeping yourself busy and occupied will help you stay focused and productive throughout your life. Never hide behind an excuse of not being creative enough or not having  a way with things. If you want to, you will… if you don’t want to, you never will.

These are the five things I had my mind back then, but I did a lot more in a year. I will fill you in by publishing my upcoming productivity posts soon.

Life gives us a lot of opportunity to prove ourselves. Sometimes these opportunities come in small packages. Don’t feel bad about that, instead, take it and make something big out of it. That’s how you’ll appreciate life.

“When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.”
– Shakti Gawain

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