How To Find Peace and Be Happy?

“Stay calm”, “Don’t panic”, “Refrain from reacting”… I keep hearing this all the time.
To tell you the both-side story, I have been impulsive and quite impatient in the past. In fact, it all started when my parents separated and I was a little lost. Didn’t really know where was I heading and didn’t want to listen to people. I would react to the slightest hint of charge and decide things on the go; most of them went wrong though.
As I was growing, I couldn’t understand what was wrong but it was only after getting married that I learned, patience and perseverance go hand in hand.

Our lifestyle these days is such, we are bound to believe that we have time for nothing – not even happiness. How can we find peace then? How can we put our minds at rest? How can we manage worries?

Here are few things we can try, to reduce the impact of the above. Not everything might help, but suggestions don’t hurt, do they?

1. Breathe – You know, breathing fully is as important as eating or sleeping is to you. We are involved in sub-conscious breathing and take little effort to fulfill it. For a peace of mind to begin, you need to know that breathing helps a lot.
Apart from the scientific reasons they have, breathing gives us time to think. While we are upset and worried, focusing on deep breathing lets us keep our thoughts away and maintain a calm aura for our mind to rest.
2. Let-Go – We hang on to things that don’t really matter. There will be a lot incidents in life that’ll bother us enough to drag us into the pit of misery, and sticking to those will never help!
It is quite understood that thoughts never stop, but what we need to work on is the attitude towards them. The moment you realize something is not worth the effort and emotional investment, you should try to let those things go. Clinging on to them will not only affect your mental peace but will also keep you away from seeing better things differently.
 3. Talk – When you have a lot inside your heart and head, there is no way you can find peace. At some point it becomes so hurtful that you might even want to kill yourself for that (well… not literally). But you see, there is this lovely thing called ‘pouring-your-heart-out‘! No matter what is stuck in your heart, pouring it out will make you lighter than before.pexels-photo-630831.jpeg
Imagine this – you have those heavy stuff in your heart that you cannot really share with anyone and die each day trying to make peace with it. What comes out of it is not in your hands anymore because you’ve already let it strangle your freedom of sharing.
Find someone who you can really trust and share those things with. Talk it out. That will really help because a burdened heart needs a shoulder.
4. Stay Content – It wouldn’t hurt us much if we knew how to stay happy with what we have.

Having said that, the mantra to being content is not about settling with what you have, but it is about knowing that what you have is also worth being happy for.

They rightly said, “comparison is the thief of joy“; because unless you understand fact that not everything alluring is worth fighting for, you will never see peace. Not in the near future at least.

5. Stay Still – We are really busy beings. We either keep looking at the future or repeatedly turn back to look at the past. It might seem that a peek won’t hurt, but it does! Too much of thoughts over the future results in over-planning, stealing the joy of living in the present. And, diving in the past frequently will keep you away from seeing the good in ‘today‘,
Hold on for a minute and ask yourself, “what is your past giving you anyway, and what is your future showing you?” The answer to both would predictably be “nothing“. Your past is gone – it can never give anything to you except for either good memories or the bad ones. Your future isn’t here yet – it cannot show you what you have in store. So, stay still for a while and live the moment.
6. Meditate a Minute – Have you ever heard of ‘One Minute Meditation‘? Well, if you are not a person who can spend a lot of time meditating, you can try this one! You might feel that this is silly, but trust me, a minute’s meditation is as helpful as finishing your favorite dessert is.monk-hands-faith-person-45178.jpeg
For starters, you can try this app called Calm. It is a meditation app available in both App Store as well as Google Play. I won’t say a lot, but I can promise you, it won’t disappoint you for sure. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it!
Finding inner peace might not be simple, but trying is. If you can, you will… if you cannot, you need to find another way through it!

“Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.”

—Bernie Siegel

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